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Action Plan

FERRMED Association short term action plan in order to achieve its targets:

  • Production of main Studies:

    • Demonstrative Study (already done)
    • Supply/Demand, Technical, Socio-economic Global Study (already done)
    • FERRMED Locomotive Concept (already done)
    • FERRMED Wagon Concept (already done)
    • Plan of Action for the short, medium and long term in the Mediterranean Corridor, between Lyon and Algeciras (already done)
    • Traceability of the Mediterranean Corridor Southern Sector (already done)
  • Other studies or projects planned:
    • FERRMED Freight Wagon Prototype
    • Analysis of Railway Management and Operation Systems in Specific Corridors
    • Euro-Mediterranean Orbital Rail Network and Multimodal Links Project (to be done jointly with ASCAME)
    • Competitive Trans-Eurasian Main Trunk Rail Network (to be done jointly with other associations)
    • The Full FERRMED Corridors achievement (for freight, considering only the most important part of the EU Railway Core Network)
    • Optimization of the full logistics chain considering appropriate intermodality, reducing costs, increasing quality, assuring traceability and reliability, accomplishing lead times and timetables and improving management procedures in the transportation systems
  • Development of the FERRMED project incorporating new members and developing Working Groups, Conferences and FERRMED - EU CORE NET CITIES Tribunes
    • Presentation and justification of the project before the private, public, European, national, regional and local institutions
    • Participation in working groups within relevant administrations, in order to achieve the agreed objectives and obtain the inclusion of the main branches of the FERRMED Great Axis Rail Network in the national and European high priority transport programmes
    • Holding "FERRMED Conferences" and FERRMED - EU CORE NET CITIES Tribunes
    • To foster the Full FERRMED Corridors achievement including their Eurasian dimmension taking into account the "One Belt, One Road" initiative mainers (for freight, considering only the most important
      part of the EU Railway Core Network and its elongation to neighbouring countries)
    • To encourage short and long term actions for operational improvements (quality, reliability, punctuality, traceability, security and costs)
    • To push for gradual adoption of FERRMED Standards all over the EU and neighboring countries, including suitable connections to main ports and airports and free competition and the Eurasian dimension
    • To foster the implementation of new railway transportation concepts and methods
    • To promote the coordination of investments as well as improvement and operation plans at EU level in the "Core Network"
    • Working Groups development related to the multimodal transportattion System, considerin diferent kind of goods to be transported
    • Evaluating the challenges and opportunities of the multimodal transportation network development, related to
      the “three global vectors of growth”