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How to be a member

How to be a member

Membership in FERRMED - The Way to become stronger

The association’s membership is open to all companies, entities and institutions in the EU, neighboring countries an all over the world that are interested in the improvement of rail infrastructures, in the improvement of Ports and Airports connections with their respective hinterlands, in the implementation of FERRMED Standards, new operational systems and the effective free market in the freight railway transport within the European Union and neighboring countries.

It's open as well to all companyies, entities and institutions in the EU, neighbouring countries on all over the world that are interested in the optimization of the full logistics chain considering appropriate intermodality, reducing costs, increasing quality, assuring traceability and reliability, accomplishing lead times and timetables and improving management procedures in the transportation systems.

Since August 2004, more and more companies and associations from several economic sectors have been joining FERRMED.

At present, FERRMED has over 150 members coming from thirdteen different countries and new membership is growing at a steady pace. For this reason FERRMED is not only becoming a powerful lobby, but also a forum for exchange of new ideas in order to optimize the global chain of added value, and to open new ways of business and cooperation.


What the Membership in FERRMED Association will bring to its members?


  • Ÿ The acceleration of public investments in the main corridors of the EU freight railway network, including suitable connections to ports and airports, and the effective implementation of free competition
  • Ÿ The enhancement of new business activities among FERRMED Members (increasing the “critical mass” to become more competitive)
  • Ÿ The possibility of participating in decisive meetings and working groups
  • Ÿ The adequate introduction of the FERRMED members’ ideas and requirements to the corresponding regional, national and European authorities and from the Union for the Mediterranean
  • Ÿ The participation in FERRMED Forums and Tribunes and promotion of the members’ business activities through the FERRMED Web site and public activities of the Association
  • Ÿ The possibility of guided visits to the works of new lines or to the modernization activities of the existing ones, in relation to main rail freight corridors
  • Ÿ The participation in FERRMED conferences and public presentations
  • Ÿ The possibility of intervening in the various events organized by other members of FERRMED
  • Ÿ The exchange of new ideas, points of view and know-how with other FERRMED members
  • Ÿ The participation in the studies promoted and carried out by the Association
  • Ÿ The participation in the analysis of the government plans concerning railway infrastructures, operational systems, multimodal transport development and regulation as well as in corresponding public debates
  • Ÿ The participation in the preparation of responses to the government plans and in the follow-up of the implementation of the latter
  • Ÿ Being regularly informed of the most important news regarding rail freight and multimodal transportation network plans, programs and improvements, as well as concerning new methods to enhance the business competitiveness through global chain of added value
  • Ÿ As an ordinary member, having the right of vote in FERRMED General Assembly and the possibility of being member of FERRMED Steering Committee. In the both cases, ordinary or associated member, participating in the Association activities

How the members can contribute for the development of FERRMED Association?

  • ŸPaying the Association fees that allows FERRMED to carry out the activities and actions in order to accomplish its objectives
  • ŸHelping to incorporate other new members into the Association
  • ŸParticipating in FERRMED working groups and Tribunes in all kind of Association activities and lobbying actions
  • ŸPromoting FERRMED objectives and plans
  • ŸContributing with new ideas and information regarding FERRMED targets and activities
  • ŸHelping the Association to participate in Fairs, Forums, Seminars, Conferences, etc
  • ŸEspecially increasing the power of the Association in their lobbying activities by supporting its objectives, visions and plans
  • ŸParticipating in the FERRMED News release