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FERRMED EU Wagon Concept

Date of the Study

It analyzes the current situation of freight wagons, in order to define how future EU wagons should be to meet the technical FERRMED Standards. It defines the parameters of an appropriate design, especially in all related to the platform and concept of force transmission frame, axle load, loading gauge, coupling strength, brake system, power, tele-informatic equipment, tare, load and capacity.

Carried out by Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH) and Railway Group, Institute of Technology Berlin (TUB).

A summary of both studies was presented in the framework of the 3rd FERRMED Conference, held at the International Logistics (SIL) in Barcelona on May 27th 2010 and in the " FERRMED Freight Locomotive and Wagon Conference" held on 20xx xx September in Berlin, on the occasion of the InnoTrans fair.

Study type