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FERRMED Global Study

A comprehensive “Global” Study was undertaken to define a high priority rail freight system and
to assess the feasibility of the implementation of FERRMED Standards in the FERRMED Great Axis Network. The
Study targets “to match Freight Supply and Demand during the period 2005 – 2025 in the FERRMED Great Axis
area of influence and to optimize traffic between the different modes of transportation with a view of taking
up to 30-35% of long distance inland traffic by rail by implementing FERRMED Standards and improving the
conditions of capacity, inter-modality and interoperability of the rail in this Great Axis Network”.
The Specific Objectives of the Study are:
• To assess and characterise, in a quantitative and qualitative manner, the demand and supply of different
modes of transport along the Great Axis Area of Influence from 2005 until 2025.
• To undertake a detailed analysis of the rail infrastructures in the Great Axis Rail Network, the major
interconnection branches and the complementary inter-modal terminals, the operational conditions,
the environment, the FERRMED standards and new transport methods in order to match supply with the
• To define precisely the benefits of modernisation of the FERRMED Great Axis Rail Network and to determine
the necessary investments and the forecasted cost-efficiency. The study will analyze the socio-economic and
environmental impact of carrying on (or not) the modernization of the FERRMED Great Axis Network

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