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Traceability of The Mediterranean Corridor Southern Sector (between Alicante and Algeciras)

Study conducted under the assumption, defended by FERRMED, that the parallel lines (existing or under study) connecting the different nodes involved should be included in the corridors of the "Core Network", even if these "parallel" lines are in some points separated by a few tens of kilometers.

It has also been taken into account that these lines should follow the parameters set by the "Guidelines" proposed by the EC (DG Move), particularly ramps, loading gauges and length of routes.
Given the limitations of the lines "officially" included in the Corridor, the new lines of Monforte del Cid - Murcia, Almendricos - Baza - Guadix and Almeria - Motril - Malaga - Algeciras (along the coast) are proposed.

Conducted by INFRAES and CENIT from basic data in the Global Study.

Ongoing diffusion process.

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